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Family Portraits

Charm Photography in El Dorado Hills focuses on Family Portraits

Sessions are available in the studio as well as on location.

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Tips for your family portrait session.

While many people enjoy going outdoors for their family session, there are also many advantages to having your family’s portrait session done in the studio.
Young children are fascinated with the outdoors. While that is wonderful for life experiences, it can sometimes be difficult to keep their attention while outdoors. Being in the studio with young children can help get the smiles that parents often love and can help them focus on getting the images we are looking for. Also, in the studio sessions, the images tend to be more focused on the family and the relationships rather than the scenery.

Dressing for your family portrait: The key to selecting the best clothing for your family session is to make sure that the colors blend well with each other. The colors don’t have to match but matching the colors can be the easiest way of knowing that the clothing will flow in the image. If selecting to use different colors, be sure to stay in the same tone theme. ie: fall colors or jewel colors or brown tones. Hint: Once you have all of the clothing selected for the family, lay the clothing on a bed. If one outfit jumps out at you more than the others, you may want to make a different selection.
Be sure to dress from head to toe. While your portrait session goal may be to have a close up family portrait, keep your options open by wearing appropriate shoes and socks. When there are many people in the image, sometimes it is necessary to keep the lower part of the body in the image. It is best to be prepared.
Jewelry: Keep the jewelry fairly simple. Do not wear jewelry that will be a distraction. Do not wear bulky jewelry with the idea that it will cover up patchy skin or wrinkles. Skin issues can be touched up but bulky jewelry can make the retouching more difficult. It is best to wear jewelry that will be of some sort of emotional significance. This will be an heirloom image. Imagine passing your beautiful jewelry pieces down to the next generations and they will have an image of you wearing that same piece. It is a beautiful gift for future generations.


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